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Eclipse of the Century T-shirt Souvenir


Eclipse of the Century Souvenir T-shirt

Celebrate the most important and historical astronomical event of the century, the Full Lunar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 with this t-shirt or poster. Make great gifts.

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HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES and Misogynistic Michelle- T-shirt,Poster,Button,Magnet,Keychain Sale

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Watch Obama go into his BET jive mode as he presents ‘Love and Happiness’ concert at the recent White House concert, saving the Obama’s favorites for this last of eight yearly shows. No country, to pop, no classical, but what he considers REAL AMERICAN MUSIC … RAP and black music, featuring Usher and friends, who we’ve never heard of before. Sorry for our ignorance. So much for ‘outstanding artists,’  in the words of Obama. Words…how about  ‘misogyny,’ among others… though,  theses artists at least appear to have cleaned up the words a bit for this night.  Obama says he will really miss the ‘Marine Bands,’ whether serious or not …probably NOT, as he makes fun of older music, perferring to celebrate the ‘new and innovative.’  He loved to talk about ‘twerking’ calling ‘The Twist’  the ‘twerking’ of the Kennedy era when that was part of the then music concert while Kennedy was in office. He calls this year’s show a ‘mirror of who we are.’  (not sure who he was referring to as the ‘we.’  )First song wasn’t too bad but made us a little uncomfortable just watching Jill Scott, or whomever, trying to perform in her ‘squozen into’ outfit. 



FULL LYRICS HERE  T-SHIRT, POSTER, ETC – SALE TODAY  Does above make Michelle misogynistic much more than Trump for going along with these rappers’ lyrics? (We believe Trump’s choice of music is much tamer, like ‘The Twist’ with no twerking, of course.



T-shirts, Posters Available

HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES - Words vs Actions T-Shirt

‘I’VE BEGUN TO HATE ALL EVERYDAY AMERICANS’ – Hillary Clinton, perhaps our next President

Nice to know we’ll likely have a new President who will hate most of us . Today, we learned this ifrom another WIKI-LEAK, this coming through her campaign manager (Paul Podesta) email account.  First , she called half of Trump supporters ‘deplorable’ as in ‘Basket of Deplorables’ and now it appears she’s not limiting her displeasure of MOST AMERICANS!  Nice. Wear the above on your sleeve (t-shirt) – also posters, mugs, etc.







NOW ON SALE – also Buttons, Magnets, Keychains and more



Depolorables T-shirt Sale – They said Romney lost the election with his ‘47%’ statement regarding those who would not be voting for him. If Romney did a bad thing, looks like Hillary has now come out with in her incredible ‘HALF of Trump’s followers’ are a ‘Basket of Deplorables…’  followed with a string of -phobias statement. We’ll see what transpires as Trump is taking full advantage of the deplorable statement, even if the media, as usual, pretty much ignore Hillary’s negatives. By the way, can you match these names to the people on the t-shirt?

Find donald,trump,republican,basket of deplorables,basket,deplorable,official,pace,hillary,clinton,zelectionRoger stone,  trump,donald,pence,eric,ivanka,carson,christie,giuliani

gop,elecTion,sale,deplore, democrats,dems, candidates, romney, voters, polls, percent, meme, memes

Meanwhile, people are getting a real kick out of the whole visual of ‘Hillary’s Deplorables.’

ARE YOU A DEPLORABLE?  Congratulations, perhaps we should add


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Wake Up America T-shirt, Poster, Mug Sale -2016 Election Promotional

wake america now tshirt w logo


WAKE UP AMERICA Battle Cry T-shirts, Posters, Mugs Sale

Election time and the perfect battle cry has been ‘Wake Up America‘ for these tough times. Time to really pay attention and pick the right leader(s) for the times. So, spread the word. Wear it on your chest and WAKE UP AMERICA – Get Your Tshirts, posters, mugs, etc. now!
Whether you’re leaning for Trump, Clinton or other candidates running for lower offices it’s important to analyze, make the right choices and SPREAD THE WORD with these beautiful t-shirts, or mugs, posters or various other election promotional products
HILLARY'S AMERICA new promo updated

Hillary’s America – The Movie and Ebook

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Kennedy Assassination Tshirt – ‘The Moment That Changed America’




KENNEDY  ’50 YEARS’  button and more Now Available  –  Give a memorable gift and keep this great President ‘s memory strong.   Also, customise your own  Posters, Mugs,  other wearables and specialty media 


BUMPER STICKER honoring the great President whose assisasination changed the World after he had improved it for the better. Put this on your car and get lots of looks , especially from the good folks who remember perhaps a better time and President





JFK 464

JFK 464 License Style Bumper Sticker
When President Kennedy was assassinated Nov. 22, 1963, the Democratic Party was already making plans for his running for a second term the following year, thus, these bumper stickers started coming out perhaps late December. In fact, Kennedy’s ill-fated trip to Dallas was partly political to try to shore up stronger support in Texas, where he had been seen as a little weak. Yes, it’s a real bumper sticker you can put on your car 50 years later as a reminder of a great President and WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. Get lots of looks and comments, too, while keeping this great President’s memory strong- or simply keep as collectibles and give as Holiday gifts. Your friends will love them


Portrait Postcard-Poster-

JFK Pictures , Tshirt –

‘The Moment That

Changed America’



Time magazine’s cover story is titled “The Moment That Changed America,” and it features some newly discovered color pictures of the Kennedys riding through Dallas before the fatal shots rang out. Reporter David Von Drehle writes the piece, calling the tragedy on Nov. 22, 1963 “shocking beyond almost anything else in American history.”   I would say that the moment’s resulting aftermath was even worse – how it dramatically changed, or contributed heavily,  to the largely rudderless,  schizophrenic  society that followed in it’s wake.   KENNEDY 50th Year Anniversary T-shirt


November 22 Marks the Fiftieth Year since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and we  honor this occasion with a our commemorative t-shirt of that TIME Magazine front cover, which says it all,’The Moment That Changed America.’ The t-shirts make for a nice keepsake or holiday gift.

We’ve already seen perhaps a half dozen new  TV movies, videos / documentaries – and we’ve already seen a number of books come out such as Bill O’reilly’s best selling ‘Killing Kennedy’ ,   made into a TV movie, currently being shown on Natonal Geographic channel. Considering the significance of  the life-altering even, we might have even expected more media – and more reaction to it.


     I remember as a 10-year-old kid in 1962 my mother taking me to see President Kennedy… Continue Reading…

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