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Watch Obama go into his BET jive mode as he presents ‘Love and Happiness’ concert at the recent White House concert, saving the Obama’s favorites for this last of eight yearly shows. No country, to pop, no classical, but what he considers REAL AMERICAN MUSIC … RAP and black music, featuring Usher and friends, who we’ve never heard of before. Sorry for our ignorance. So much for ‘outstanding artists,’  in the words of Obama. Words…how about  ‘misogyny,’ among others… though,  theses artists at least appear to have cleaned up the words a bit for this night.  Obama says he will really miss the ‘Marine Bands,’ whether serious or not …probably NOT, as he makes fun of older music, perferring to celebrate the ‘new and innovative.’  He loved to talk about ‘twerking’ calling ‘The Twist’  the ‘twerking’ of the Kennedy era when that was part of the then music concert while Kennedy was in office. He calls this year’s show a ‘mirror of who we are.’  (not sure who he was referring to as the ‘we.’  )First song wasn’t too bad but made us a little uncomfortable just watching Jill Scott, or whomever, trying to perform in her ‘squozen into’ outfit. 



FULL LYRICS HERE  T-SHIRT, POSTER, ETC – SALE TODAY  Does above make Michelle misogynistic much more than Trump for going along with these rappers’ lyrics? (We believe Trump’s choice of music is much tamer, like ‘The Twist’ with no twerking, of course.



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HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES - Words vs Actions T-Shirt

‘I’VE BEGUN TO HATE ALL EVERYDAY AMERICANS’ – Hillary Clinton, perhaps our next President

Nice to know we’ll likely have a new President who will hate most of us . Today, we learned this ifrom another WIKI-LEAK, this coming through her campaign manager (Paul Podesta) email account.  First , she called half of Trump supporters ‘deplorable’ as in ‘Basket of Deplorables’ and now it appears she’s not limiting her displeasure of MOST AMERICANS!  Nice. Wear the above on your sleeve (t-shirt) – also posters, mugs, etc.







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Depolorables T-shirt Sale – They said Romney lost the election with his ‘47%’ statement regarding those who would not be voting for him. If Romney did a bad thing, looks like Hillary has now come out with in her incredible ‘HALF of Trump’s followers’ are a ‘Basket of Deplorables…’  followed with a string of -phobias statement. We’ll see what transpires as Trump is taking full advantage of the deplorable statement, even if the media, as usual, pretty much ignore Hillary’s negatives. By the way, can you match these names to the people on the t-shirt?

Find donald,trump,republican,basket of deplorables,basket,deplorable,official,pace,hillary,clinton,zelectionRoger stone,  trump,donald,pence,eric,ivanka,carson,christie,giuliani

gop,elecTion,sale,deplore, democrats,dems, candidates, romney, voters, polls, percent, meme, memes

Meanwhile, people are getting a real kick out of the whole visual of ‘Hillary’s Deplorables.’

ARE YOU A DEPLORABLE?  Congratulations, perhaps we should add


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Wake Up America T-shirt, Poster, Mug Sale -2016 Election Promotional

wake america now tshirt w logo


WAKE UP AMERICA Battle Cry T-shirts, Posters, Mugs Sale

Election time and the perfect battle cry has been ‘Wake Up America‘ for these tough times. Time to really pay attention and pick the right leader(s) for the times. So, spread the word. Wear it on your chest and WAKE UP AMERICA – Get Your Tshirts, posters, mugs, etc. now!
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Hillary’s America – The Movie and Ebook

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Secret of Amazing Posters,T-shirts – SALE – 120 Inspirational, Political, Motivational Designs


Secret of Amazing Posters,T-shirts – SALE – 120 Inspirational, Political, Motivational Designs


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Secret of Amazing Posters,T-shirts – SALE – 120 Political, Motivational Designs

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We Will Only See the Dangers of Islam After Millions of Us Are Killed

We will finally see the dnager... after millions are killed...

Obama: Talk Loudly and Carry a Little Selfie Stick

-WALID SHOEBAT, former member Palestinian Liberation Army and expert on the dangers of  terrorism


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Selfie stick 2 framed
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Obama The Enabler – WHAT ME WORRY Poster

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 Not sure whether Obama actually wore the turban on his recent Middle East trip, but he did, in fact, where one along with other Muslim garb on a 2006 trip to Kenya. Some say he may have worn native middle eastern clothing in respect to Arab countries he would be visiting.  You can get picture on tshirt

Marred by two rocket attacks 50 miles away and his huge armored limo, flown in from Washington, breaking down, PRESIDENT OBAMA met Israel for the first time, March 20.   Obama met with Israeli leaders and college students,  offering   platitudes and promises for Middle East peace to the Israelis.  As has been true during the first four years of his administration, there has been no headway in the middle east, perhaps worse, with worsening relations with Egypt and other Middle Eastern neighbors to Israel.   

 Obama was also flustered by   a protestor and a journalist who slipped in a couple unplanned tough questions which  Obama quickly dismissed  with a laugh and no   answer .  In fact , Obama didn’t show much encouragement for peace, saying that Israeli’s planned expansion into the Gaza area would not help the peace process and even said ‘.  Earlier in the day Obama urged the Palestinians to resume peace talks. And that was about it for Obama in the Middle East  on this self-proclaimed  ‘listening tour’ of the Middle East.


obama tshirt w turban in middle east


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“I am not a dictator,”

President Obama said Friday, March 1, 2013, while defending his efforts to stop the sequester. “I’m the president.”

Obama said there are limits to what he can do to get a deal on the sequester during a press conference in which he blamed Republicans for standing in the way of a deal….

Nixon: “I am Not a Crook” (from HISTORY channel)


Forty years ago, On November 17, 1973, President Nixon gave a nationally televised and broadcast press conference in which he denied his involvement in the Watergate cover-up and stated that he had never profited from his public service. In the speech he made the now infamous reference , ‘I am not a crook.’ TSHSIRT IMAGE OBAMA NIXONAbove TSHIRT and other items FOR SALE & other products @


Now, 40 years later, March 1, 2013, President Obama, according to ‘;… was responding to a question about why he hadn’t locked the leaders into a room to get a deal. “So ultimately if Mitch McConnell or John Boehner say, ‘I have to catch a plane,’ I can’t have Secret Service block the doorway,” he said.

Obama met briefly with Republican leaders Sen. McConnell (Ky.) and Speaker Boehner (Ohio) before the press conference. He has been criticized by Republicans for not doing more to try to reach a deal. GOP leaders say he has been more interested in blaming Republicans for the $85 billion in automatic cuts set to be triggered on Friday than in crafting a deal.

But Obama on Friday characterized himself as the reasonable party in the talks and someone who couldn’t force Republicans to make a deal.

“I know that this has been some of the conventional wisdom that’s been floating around Washington that even though most people agree that I’m being reasonable, that most people agree that I’m presenting a fair deal, the fact that they don’t take it means that I should somehow do a Jedi mind-meld and convince them” to agree on a deal, Obama said.

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Election 2012 -Obama Tshirts, Bumper Stickers, more

Obama Bumper stickers, Romney Bumper Stickers. Obama Tshirts, Romney Tshirts

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Obama Bumper stickers, Romney Bumper Stickers. Obama Tshirts, Romney Tshirts

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Obama Bumper Stickers, Anti-Obama Tshirts,Mugs,etc-ELECTION CENTRAL


2012 Election Merchandise at CafePress

ELECTION CENTRAL – Obama Bumper Stickers, Anti-Obama Tshirts,Mugs,etc

Obama Bumper Stickers, Anti-Obama Tshirts,Mugs,etc-ELECTION CENTRAL

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Anti Obama Shirts, I Love Obama, Obama Bumper Stickers, Obama Gear

Anti Obama Shirts, I Love Obama,

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– UNEMPLOYMENT has been stagnent since Obama took office, 8.13% in Jan 2009 vs same 8.1% today and when you add in the 196,000 who have given up on job hunting this month the rate risest to 8.4% Though median income has climbed by $1,426 since last August and the 8.3 percent July unemployment rate is down from a peak of 10 percent in October 2009, plenty of Americans have slipped into poverty. The Agriculture Department released a report yesterday showing a record 46.7 million people were receiving food stamps in 2012.

Longest Stretch Yet even though the economy began a slow recovery in June 2009 and has been growing since,the unemployment rate has remained persistently high, above 8 percent since February 2009,the longest stretch since monthly records began in 1948.

– INCOME Median income was $50,964 in June — $4,019 lower than when Obama took office when adjusted for inflation, according to Sentier Research’s most recent data.

– GAS PRICES have more than doubled since Obama took office –  avg was $1.89 when Obama took offic eand over $4.00 today

– FOOD STAMPS – As noted, food stamp distribution has risen from 0 to 46.7 million people receiving food stampssince Obama took office. This may account for at least part of the reason more and more people are not even attempting to find jobs when they can draw from the newly increasedfood stamp handouts and other assistance (Obama is attempting to increase the welfare giveaway that Clinton had reduced to encourage people to seek jobs OTHER SIDE:‘Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive’, is Joe Biden’s favorite campaign quotein trying to defend the Obama administration. As if those are the only things thathave gone right, Osama’s death just happened to come under Obama’s watch; Bush had setthe intelligence going and , with growing rewards and such, Obama finally reaped the benefit yet never gave Bush any of the credit. . As for General Motors, they have bounced back for now thanks to the major loan they have yet to pay back.Who’s to say that if push camne to shove sans loan they wouldn’t have come through, anyway, just as Chrysler did without taking any loans. No major US auto manufacturer has ever goneout of business and GM would have eventually survived with the slightly rising economy along with the other car manufactures.  Rush Limbaugh…

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‘Trading Private Bergdahl’ Movie Poster Tshirt Pokes fun at Obama

'TRADING PRIVATE BERGDAHL Movie Poster from Zazzle_com' - www_zazzle_com_trading_private_bergdahl_movie_poster-235266590660992240

‘Trading Private Bergdahl’ Movie

Poster Tshirt Pokes fun at Obama

BONUS FREE PDF of Hilarious Exchange Between Famous Comedian and Obama    MAD-Magazine-Trading-Private-Bergdahl_538e1730c295a6.07331124

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BENGHAZI LIARS – Still Hiding Behind Lies – Obama, Biden, Hillary, Rice, Carney – Tshirts, Bumper Stickers


BENGHAZI LIARS  – Still Hiding Behind  Lies –

Obama, Biden, Hillary, Rice, Carney – Tshirts,

Bumper Stickers


Benghazi liars bumper sticker official


Bumper Sticker 

Over a year later, they’re still hiding behind their lies. Nobody has been implicated nor have any of the perpetrators been caught, as promised. Keep their feet hot to the fires they started with this and other bumper stickers, tshirts and more  .

For the full Benghazi timeline 


Benghazi Liars Tshirt w order info




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BENGHAZI LIARS  – Still Hiding Behind  Lies –

Obama, Biden, Hillary, Rice, Carney – Tshirts,

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New Obama Scandal Tshirts -Edward Snowdon NSA Whistleblower

UPDATE: SORRY, BELOW TSHIRTS WERE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET FOR BEING ‘TOO CONTROVERSIAL’... the whistleblower (Edward Snowdon) PATRIOT TSHIRT tshirt we're all edward snowdons

EDWARD SNOWDON NSA Whistleblower Patriot – Hero Tshirts

Tshirts $17.95 all sizes and colors

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  Most of the media are looking at Edward Snowdon, NSA ‘leaker’ as a traitor.  In truth , he is quite the hero for trying to keep our government from spying on us more and more. Snowdon has exposed the REAL traitor, Obama and his ilk. So much for the Fourth Ammendment.  

             The Obama administration’s growing desire  to seize all of our private messages, phone
calls, etc. goes way beyond the pail.  Nixon didn’t come close to what Obama appears to have done, potentially going after everyone except those who he should have gone after, ie Muslim terrorists like the Boston bombers. And, of course, there  wasn’t  the digital / viral media during the time of Nixon, which makes it all the worse –  and  for our privacy.

and more background info @

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Obama’s ‘SIDESHOW’ Now a THREE RING CIRCUS – Tshirts, Posters and more


OBAMA Called Benghazi a

‘SIDEWHOW’ – Now He’s Got

 More Like a THREE RING


Hal Bray of Brentwood, No. California , reminds us (CONTRA COSTA TIMES) that there’s alot more on
the hot plate for Obama and his administration than JUST the three scandals…
We know about

1) BENGHAZI-gate, where the administration was negligent BEFORE hand by not providing security at the
consulate, even after requests from the late Ambassador Stevens, himself, and DURING the attacks
by not responding. Then, AFTER , they covered up their negligence by editing, 12 times, the CIA
talking points and creating a false ‘video’ narrative.

2)IRS Targeting – Then it was discovered the IRS has been targeting and harassing Tea Party and other conservative
groups and MItt Romney donors since the 2012 election.

3) AP media tapping – Next it was the Justice Department tapping the AP reporters’ emails. Here it wasn’t
even a case of democrat or republican, thereby even now upsetting some of the those longtime loyal democratic

4?) NEXT? With all this going on we musn’t forget Obama’s nomination for labor secretary, Thomas Perez. His nomination
has been held up because Perez has refused to turn over 1,200 emails he sent under an alias email account
he did not disclose, in violation of the Congressional Records Act.

5?) Normally confirmation hearings are mere formalities – even for questionable nominees like Secretary of Defence
Chuck Hagel, who was pushed through, despite a very weak performance in his nomination hearings. Yet,
we have the above that could be one of the few that DOESN’T go through AND also don’t forget Obama’s nominee
for head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy, whose nomination has ALSO been held up because
of her refusal to answer questions Congress raised over her predecessor’s use of a secret email account for
conducting and hiding official business.

Business as usual for the most secretive, unethical, incompetent and NON-TRANSPARENT presidency in our lifetime.
Yes, and that includes the Nixon adminsitration


OBAMA Called Benghazi a

‘SIDEWHOW’ – Now He’s Got

 More Like a THREE RING


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