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Trump Road To Success Poster – Making America Great Again


Trump Road To Success Poster – Making America Great Again


The famous 100-Year-Old Road To Success Poster has been updated for the first time in 100 years with the image of President Donald Trump after his unprecedented, shocking election victory November 8, 2016. Trump has done something truly extraordinary, a total outsider with no political experience defeating not only a  30-year establishment  candidate and the better-funded ‘Democrat machine’ but he overcame the great mainstream media bias to win – and by a significant electoral college margin.


Trump did something that prior Republican candidates Romney and McCain were not able to do in 2012 and 2008.  With his forthright style, Trump showed no fear in standing up to a political machine second to none. It was like David vs. Goliath, Trump with an under-developed, low-funded campaign vs. the great Clinton Foundation assets and vaunted ‘ground game.’  And Trump with a nation of hungry followers seeking real change bought into Trumps’ message. Along the ROAD he overcame many obstacles including some brought on by himself to reach the pinnacle of SUCCESS.  Along the way he has maintained that growing legion of devoted followers.


They said Trump could never do it, with this outsider, brash ways but he surprised them all , doing what he had to do – as only he could do it.



Trump Road To Success – Making America Great Again



How and Why Trump Beat All Odds to Become President


Posted November 14th, 2016.

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Not A Democrat, Not A Republican, I’M AN AMERICAN And I Want My Country Back TSHIRTS SALE


Not A Democrat, Not A Republican, I’M AN

AMERICAN And I Want My Country Back





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St. Pat’s Sale!  17% OFF  limited time


Not A Democrat, Not

A Republican, I’M AN


Want My Country



Posted March 5th, 2014.

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Your Questions About Success Posters

William asks…

I want to have a “Soul Train” theme party?

I want to have a theme party. It originally started out as a 70s theme party, but I wanted music from the 70s and 80s and maybe some Motown from the 60s.

“Soul Train” included all the genres and dress styles (OK, not the 60s) that I would like to include.

Does anyone have any ideas to help me get this party started?I have approximately one month; the date is January 19, 2008.

I’ve been looking for Soul Train posters without success. I want to do the magnetic question board if I can find a nice size one.

For all you Soul Train lovers or party planers, please help!

admin answers:

Not a bad idea. Check out for some period dress and music at Collectors Choice on the website. You absolutely must have the Soul Train theme song by The Three Degrees/ MFSB- T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia). It’s an instrumental and it is the bomb.

You should have the game where the dancers unscramble letters and you have to do the soul train line. People should come dressed in their 70s outfits. Check out You Tube for some ideas. Here is the link to my favorite soul train video which has the song, TSOP.


Good Luck with the party. It sounds like a lot of fun.

David asks…

I need help with my business coursework on my marketing campaign?

i have created an arcade business in alexandra palace and im a small business at the moment. it says i have to do these things

Discuss the main ways in which a business can promote and advertise its products and services. Also discuss how legal constraints can affect how it does this. Use examples to illustrate your discussion.

Select the sales and advertising promotion methods which you feel are most appropriate for your business. Explain how you plan to use them and why they are the most appropriate for your business. You can also use the findings from your target market and competitor research to justify your choice of promotions.

Draft a couple of examples of the promotional materials you will use. For example, design a poster, newspaper advert or a business card promoting your business.

Research the possible costs of promoting your business. For example, how much will it cost to place an advert on the side of a local bus, produce 5000 flyers, 200 business cards, or a radio advert? You should include some proof that you have carried out this research eg a table of costs or promotional information from a leaflet printing business. You can use to find information on the cost of printing leaflets.

Create a budget table showing the cost of each of the individual forms promotion that you have chosen to use and the total cost of your marketing campaign.

Evaluate the possible effects that the cost of your marketing campaign and its success would have upon the finances of your business.

admin answers:

Weather you are a new business or an established business we have found that the following approach works best in preparation of a marketing plan. It is called SOSTAC ( SOSTAC® is a registered trade mark of PR Smith. More information at which stands for Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action, Control this is an integrated approach to planning. The plan asks specific questions
1. Where are you now? (Situation)
2. Where do you want to go? (Objectives)
3. How are you going to get there? (Strategy)
4. GO TO COUPONCOUNTRY.COM   or call 1-888-422-6876

For $99 a month you can get their internet Fall package, including

optimized web page, text marketing, social media, apps, etc.

You’lll find the most cost-effective advertising here – all the top-rated, latest marketing from direct mail to internet to text marketingThis will assist you in developing an appropriate plan but will also allow you to take into consideration the whole organisation, your financial situation, legal etc. This is quite a comprehensive tool and can be used for small or large marketing plans. I have included a number of resources which should assist you.

Chris asks…

My daughter is having a school poster due in a few weeks, i need help on things to draw.?

oops mistype i meant the them is Parents- The link to Success its an poster on parental involvement.

admin answers:

A circle of hands being held (very large) and all your daily activies drawn inside. Like school, food, work pets, friends, money. Meaning it is all held together by those binding hands. Those who share the most learn the most.

Helen asks…

how to get rid of greasy blue tack marks?

my son had posters in his bedroom and we are now taking them down but after getting the blue tack off have noticed greasy marks on the wall where the blue tack was have tried washing it but no success is there any mgic solution to getting rid of it or am i just going to have to paint over them!?!?

admin answers:

Rub the marks with more blu tack, it works.

Donald asks…

Fellow Twilight fans what do you think of the New Moon poster?

I think it is AMAZING! Kris looks so cute!

And it is just so atmospheric! I bet New Moon will be an even greater success than Twilight!

Kris is Kristen Stewart, the actress who plays Bella.

admin answers:

Have they even started filming yet

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Posted October 17th, 2011.

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Now FRAMED – ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster

You’ve Found It – The One and Only Original ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational POSTER – Now ONLY $15 OR 2 FOR $20 Allegorical Cartoon from 1913 Etude Magazine. MAKES AN IDEAL PRESENT. 23″ X 17″ BLACK ON GLOSSY HEAVY PAPER STOCK , Mailed in tube. Click TWICE to enlarge



 ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational





Featured –  ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster



pixel THE   ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster, The Original   2 for $20 Graduation   Special only at Yellow Pages Couponspaypal THE ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster, The Original   2   for $20 Graduation Special only at Yellow Pages Coupons



 Now FRAMED –  ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster


verification seal THE ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster, The   Original   2 for $20 Graduation Special only at Yellow Pages Coupons

THE ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster, adapted to musical education from an original drawing issued by the National Cash Register Co. to point the road to business success. It originally appeared in THE ETUDE music magazine, published October 1913 and includes some of the unique language and jargons of the time. Great inspirational and motivational tool/gift for anyone, especially young people starting out, new businesses and anyone seeking success (aren’t we all?)..  Just follow the ‘Road to Success,’ making sure not to fall prey to ‘bohemianism,’ shiftlessness’ or one of the many other pitfalls along the way. Don’t lose time at the ‘Hotel Know It All’ or ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ waiting for compliments such as ‘Caruso can’t touch you’ or ‘You’ll set the world on fire.’ Once you reach the ‘Gate of Ideals’ you’ve nearly reached the big zither(?) of success! Great promotion or gift. 23″ x 17 1/2″, black writing on white, glossy 80 lb. paper stock, comes rolled. Click image twice to blow up size:

‘This (literally) lyrical prize is achieved by first entering the Gate of Opportunity. People are running through, but some have already settled in to the sit-down life of ease and comfort in what looks like the Beer Garden of Bohemianism.



Some manage to pass by those delights to check in to the Hotel Know It All, because they hold to mottoes such as Nobody can tell me, or I don’t need to practice, or I’m a born genius, or yet: I don’t need system.

Similarly misguided cries are heard on the patio of the Mutual Admiration Society: You’re the Hit of the Age, You’ll Set the World on Fire, You’re a Wonder My Boy, or (my favourite): Caruso Can’t Touch You.

Those who avoid those three establishments of ill repute might still fall victim to the deep, dark well of Illiteracy, or the spinning, disorienting wheel of Conceit. A select few manage to board the train called Right System at the Railroad Station.

That doesn’t stop some from running along the rail track towards Success, only to succumb to the ugly hand of Vices, the spinning fan of Bad Habits (blowing its victims towards Oblivion), or the pitfall of Bad Reputation. Others fall prey to Charlatanism, or get tangled up in the webs of Jealousy and Do It Tomorrow.

Those who overcome all these perils will enter the gates of System. But while the train crosses a bridge across the river Failure, those on foot are threatened by the Cauldron of Misrepresentation, and tempted by Short Cuts.

Some do manage to wade across the river to the other side, but there must overcome Bad Temper, Carelessness, Shiftlessness and Bad Memory. Then there’s Lack of Preparation, a giant rock which the train can tunnel through effortlessly, while the surviving pedestrians must trek across it.

Sprees, Laziness and Bad Business Methods then still threaten them, until at last they come before two gates, the one for Weak Morals remaining forever closed, the Gate of Ideals open to the train (and some on foot).

Conclusion: you can be successful without adopting the Right System, but your chances are far smaller. And you’ll have to make a lot bigger effort to get there.’

Many thanks to Strange Maps for the above review.

The ROAD TO SUCCESS has since become very popular with young people starting out, new business, musicians and   people in all walks of life. Purchase 1 poster for $15 or 2 for $20 plus $5 flalt rate for shipping and postage. Pay by PayPal or credit card (Visa,,Master Card or American Express). Entertainment Advertising copyrighted the poster in 1982 and is the only known, legal  source for the poster. See to appreciate. An ideal gift for or any occassion. May pay 1) with Paypal or Credit Cards using handy menu above , 2) email your credit card info to or 3) Call it in: 1-888-429-3272. Only available from Yellow Pages Coupons. SAVE ON SHIPPING! We only charge $5 flat rate shipping, regardless of the quantity you buy. Cannot guarantee delivery by certain date.usually  3-7 days.


Now FRAMED –  ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational Poster

Posted June 6th, 2010.

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