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 Not sure whether Obama actually wore the turban on his recent Middle East trip, but he did, in fact, where one along with other Muslim garb on a 2006 trip to Kenya. Some say he may have worn native middle eastern clothing in respect to Arab countries he would be visiting.  You can get picture on tshirt

Marred by two rocket attacks 50 miles away and his huge armored limo, flown in from Washington, breaking down, PRESIDENT OBAMA met Israel for the first time, March 20.   Obama met with Israeli leaders and college students,  offering   platitudes and promises for Middle East peace to the Israelis.  As has been true during the first four years of his administration, there has been no headway in the middle east, perhaps worse, with worsening relations with Egypt and other Middle Eastern neighbors to Israel.   

 Obama was also flustered by   a protestor and a journalist who slipped in a couple unplanned tough questions which  Obama quickly dismissed  with a laugh and no   answer .  In fact , Obama didn’t show much encouragement for peace, saying that Israeli’s planned expansion into the Gaza area would not help the peace process and even said ‘.  Earlier in the day Obama urged the Palestinians to resume peace talks. And that was about it for Obama in the Middle East  on this self-proclaimed  ‘listening tour’ of the Middle East.


obama tshirt  w turban in middle east


Posted March 21st, 2013.

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