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New Obama Scandal Tshirts -Edward Snowdon NSA Whistleblower

UPDATE: SORRY, BELOW TSHIRTS WERE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET FOR BEING ‘TOO CONTROVERSIAL’... the whistleblower (Edward Snowdon) PATRIOT TSHIRT tshirt we're all edward snowdons

EDWARD SNOWDON NSA Whistleblower Patriot – Hero Tshirts

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  Most of the media are looking at Edward Snowdon, NSA ‘leaker’ as a traitor.  In truth , he is quite the hero for trying to keep our government from spying on us more and more. Snowdon has exposed the REAL traitor, Obama and his ilk. So much for the Fourth Ammendment.  

             The Obama administration’s growing desire  to seize all of our private messages, phone
calls, etc. goes way beyond the pail.  Nixon didn’t come close to what Obama appears to have done, potentially going after everyone except those who he should have gone after, ie Muslim terrorists like the Boston bombers. And, of course, there  wasn’t  the digital / viral media during the time of Nixon, which makes it all the worse –  and  for our privacy.

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Posted June 11th, 2013.

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