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POSTAGE STAMP Sale -Custom, Personalized Sheets 15% Off Today

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Postage Stamps


Custom & Personalized Postage Stamps, Rubber Stamp   -Our designs or yours Tailored to Your Needs


Make an extra special delivery with stamps . Browse through our vast marketplace of wedding, photo, birthday, and funny postage. Choose from multiple denominations that can be sent through standard U.S. Mail. Add a little special touch that will make your event or sentiment that much more meaningful. Send letters, postcards, and invitations in style with our stamps!  CHOOSE FROM THOUSANDS OF DESIGNS… HERE IS JUST A SAMPLING OF POLITICAL IMAGES FOR TSHIRTS, POSTERS WHICH CAN BE USED FOR POSTAGE STAMP , TOO….


most popular 10-15


POSTAGE STAMP Sale -Custom, Personalized Sheets 15% Off Today

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Time To Hold CNN, MSNBC,Mainstream Media Accountable-Tshirts,etc.

ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational & Political Messagesclinton media

Don’t Let the Mainstream Media Control the Elections-Wear These T-shirts, Bumper Stickers, etc


Time to really embarrass the ‘crooked’ mainstream mediaif that’s  possible – that no longer are REAL journalists but shills for Hillary and the Democrat Party. When we took journalism in school years ago we learned the most important thing was to report on BOTH SIDES of an issue(s). Well, that seemed to disappear years ago and has only gotten worse especially in the current election process with media taking obvious sides, generally favoring the left.


When it comes down to influencing elections this becomes very life-affecting and TIME TO TRY TO STOP or at least slow these fountains of yellow journalism  like the Clinton News Network (CNN) and More Snotty Nonsense by Creeps (MSNBC)   . So WAKE UP AMERICA and wear it on your sleeve with these t-shirts, your car (bumper stickers available here) ,are as posters, mugs, etc. – CUSTOMIZE IT .
And, how about those fake polls…don’t believe them,either.  They’re not accurate anymore >


We’ve tried to outlast OBAMA for EIGHT YEARS and don’t want to suffer another FOUR or more…NOW MAY BE THE LAST CHANCE to SAVE the country from cheating politicians, a leftist Supreme Court and the YELLOW JOURNAL ENABLERS! WAKE UP AMERICA. DO IT NOW!


CNN – Clinton News Network Broken News –

T-shirts, Bumper Stickers

cnn, clinton news network

Bumper Stickers on sale today



MSNBC – Morons Spewing Nothing But Crap –

Posters, Bumper Stickers, etc



Poster, Prints on sale 





Bumper Stickers  sale



NEW E-BOOK: HILLARY’S AMERICA – Movie Access and FREE Excerpt


ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational & Political Messages

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Prison for Hillary – ‘Lock Her Up’ Bumper Stickers – She Deserves A Break

Bumper sticker on sale 'lockherup' bumper sticker

Bumper sticker on sale

#LockHerUp – Prison for Hillary – She Deserves Some Time Off

Bumper Sticker
Prison for Hillary: Since politicians today are teflon-coated and we can’t get rid of them for much greater charges than past Presidents and others were impeached for, it’s time to continue the groundswell of support by the people. Nixon and even Bill Clinton were taken down to some extent for much lesser crimes but today we see Obama and now Hillary getting away with just about anything they want. 10+ Scandals later, highlighted by the FBI’s failure to indict her for purposing deleting 30,000 classified emails, it’s   Time for a change. #LockHerUp and spread the word with these bumper stickers, now on sale. We don’t want a criminal for a President

Lock Her Up – Hillary, That Is, As She Deserves Some Prison Time -#LockHerUp

HILLARY'S AMERICA new promo updated

HILLARY’S AMERICA: From Whitewater to Benghazi




plus New 800 -page Select Committee Final Report and 51 -page Summary

in Text, Pictures & Video multi-media

plus Posters, T-shirts and other memorabilia

Lock Her Up – Hillary, That Is, As She Deserves Some Prison Time -#LockHerUp

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Wake Up America T-shirt, Poster, Mug Sale -2016 Election Promotional

wake america now tshirt w logo


WAKE UP AMERICA Battle Cry T-shirts, Posters, Mugs Sale

Election time and the perfect battle cry has been ‘Wake Up America‘ for these tough times. Time to really pay attention and pick the right leader(s) for the times. So, spread the word. Wear it on your chest and WAKE UP AMERICA – Get Your Tshirts, posters, mugs, etc. now!
Whether you’re leaning for Trump, Clinton or other candidates running for lower offices it’s important to analyze, make the right choices and SPREAD THE WORD with these beautiful t-shirts, or mugs, posters or various other election promotional products
HILLARY'S AMERICA new promo updated

Hillary’s America – The Movie and Ebook

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Imagine Joe Biden, Never ‘Gainfully Employed’ as President – Poster Sale


Joe Biden 2016 says he was never gainfully employed in his life - How'd that for a possible next president of the U.S. ?

Joe Biden 2016 says he was never gainfully employed in his life – How’d that for a possible next president of the U.S. ? Above picture graphic now on SALE as poster, tshirt, etc. 











VP Biden  admitted he’d never been ‘gainfully employed,’  other than perhaps the lax government jobs like the one he holds now. Imagine, it could have been – and still could be if Hillary gets indicted- ‘ Joe Biden 2016 ‘ running for President of the U.S.  Wouldn’t that be a field day for the media and doomsday theorists.

‘I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed’ – Joe Biden  Poster

He said that…Not unusual for our Vice President, Joe Biden age 73,  to say things like that, whether true or not. As far as his time as vice president, even if he has been ‘gainfully employed’ he hasn’t done much to warrant it, unless you call his coming out with strange statements like this from time to time. Who can forget the ‘7-11‘ statement where he talks about using an Indian accent whenever shopping at 7-11’ – just one of many such off the wall comments from our second in charge, WHO COULD HAVE BEEN  – still could be if HIllary gets indicted – OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!   IMAGINE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN! That would make a great slogan for JOE BIDEN 2016:

‘I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed’ but I’d like to be your President!



Joe Biden age 73 

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Ultimate Cruzin’ with CRUZ Posters, Tshirts,Bumper Stickers – Ted Cruz for President 2016


Poster 19″w x 13″h – also available as Tshirt, Mug, etc




car final cruzin with cruz

Tshirts, Bumper Stickers Sale- Ted Cruz for President 2016

Not since Ronald Reagan have we seen a straight ahead no-nonsense, smart, real Convervative run for President of the United States like Ted Cruz. As we get closer to November Cruz continues to win over new fans as he climbs in the polls. People like his anti-Crony Capitalism stance – perhaps the only candidate not bought out by special interests and inside donors. He’s also , perhaps, the only candidate who doesn’t go out of his way to trash others in a best effort to unify the Republican Party -as well as , like Reagan,being a strict constitutionalist. Thereby, it could be a tough road ahead for Ted Cruz, with the ‘bought’ GOP establishment doing anything it can to cut him down. But, Cruz has come up, remarkably, in the polls – against all odds- while raising $500 million from 700,000 ‘outsiders’ like himself. Enhance your car bumper – or other places- with these ‘cool’ bumper stickers


Ultimate Cruzin’ with CRUZ Tshirts, Bumper Stickers –     Ted Cruz for President 2016

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Secret of Amazing Posters,T-shirts – SALE – 120 Political, Motivational Designs


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ROBIN WILLIAMS TUNNEL POSTER , T-shirt Honors Greatest Comic-Actor of our Time


ROBIN WILLIAMS TUNNEL T-shirt, Poster  Honors Greatest Comic-Actor of our Time


March 1, 2016 A sign stands at the northbound entrance to the recently renamed Robin Williams Tunnel in Sausalito, Calif. A tunnel with rainbow arches that connects the Golden Gate Bridge to greater Marin County has officially become the Robin Williams tunnel, honoring the greatest comedian-actor-humanitarian of our time who passed away before his time, in 2014. The tunnel was unofficially known as the Waldo Tunnel. The California State Senate last year approved a resolution to change the tunnel’s name to honor the late actor and comedian. Williams grew up and lived in the Bay Area. (Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal via AP) PURCHASE POSTER (or tshirt or other media), now on sale for around $10

Several months after legislation to name the rainbow-arched so-called Waldo tunnel connecting the Golden Gate bridge to Marin County, the newly dubbed Robin Williams tunnel finally got official.
The tunnel’s moniker, which was officially confirmed last June, was meant as a dedication to the late actor and comedian’s life. Many thought that the tunnel’s rainbow border was a natural reminder of his character Mork from “Mork & Mindy,” who wore multi-colored suspenders on the show.

The $3,000 signs — one on each side of the tunnel — were paid for using private donations, as a Caltrans spokesman told SFGATE last summer.
The person who started the campaign to change the tunnel’s name, Belvedere resident Julie Wainwright, posted a photo on Twitter of the new sign being installed.
The tunnel was previously unofficially known as the Waldo Tunnel because it is on the Waldo Grade, which is named after William Waldo, a Whig Party candidate who ran for governor in 1853.

They say Robin Williams never had a bad word to say about anyone. If you’re ever in the San Francisco area be sure to visit this beautiful architectural remembrance and tribute for San Francisco native son and America’s beloved comic-actor-humanitarian we lost too soon. Take the Golden Gate Bridge north from San Francisco and you’ll pass through the tunnel minutes after leaving the bridge. Congrats on the above named Julie Wainwirght who inspired this tunnel tribute. 

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Secret of Amazing Posters,T-shirts – SALE – 120 Inspirational, Political, Motivational Designs


Secret of Amazing Posters,T-shirts – SALE – 120 Inspirational, Political, Motivational Designs


OTHER POPULAR Tshirts, POSTERS – Just A Sample… Click Here for More

most popular 10-15

CLICK FOR MORE Secret of Amazing Posters,T-shirts – SALE – 120 Inspirational, Political, Motivational Designs

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Secret of Amazing Posters,T-shirts – SALE – 120 Political, Motivational Designs

and DOZENS  more  – make Great Gifts – Our most popular designs:

-Road To Success -Climate Change – Terrorism – Obama – Hillary  – Election – Trump – Carly – Never Too Late – Benghazi etc


See other gifts available on Zazzle.

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We Will Only See the Dangers of Islam After Millions of Us Are Killed

We will finally see the dnager... after millions are killed...

Obama: Talk Loudly and Carry a Little Selfie Stick

-WALID SHOEBAT, former member Palestinian Liberation Army and expert on the dangers of  terrorism


Poster, TShirt- on sale today


Selfie stick 2 framed
See other gifts available on Zazzle.


most popular 10-15

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Obama The Enabler – WHAT ME WORRY Poster

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Climate Change Demystified – Poster Sale



Climate Change Demystified Poster Sale- ‘Today I Went Out And Saw This…’ ‪#‎climatechange 

Above poster size 24″ x 24″ Click for Sale Price Today – also t-shirts, mugs, etc.




‘Climate Change’ An Example of Big Government Manipulation

It’s more complicated but it’s not getting better. It’s been going
on for more than a half century and only getting worse.
Most recently our leaders tell us ‘Climate Change’ is  our most serious problem
while encouraging terrorists to invade our country in the guise
of ‘refugee. ‘ And, our weakened, fat, uneducated, ignorant pay no heed as they take advantage of entitlements our leaders freely dole out as they run up our debt to , by far, the most in history.  Leaders tell us one thing but we see something very different before our own eyes, as evidenced in the table below, yet we do little to change things. Where’s that old squeaky wheel? 

#global warming #print #meme #design #sale #funny #climate change



In the only available poll, from Fox, only 3% of people rated climate change as the most important issue facing the U.S. today, as compared to 24% believing terrorism to be No. 1, despite our ‘leadership’ insisting otherwise.



Climate Change (formerly ‘Global Warming’) is , in fact, a 100% ruse
by governments to extract money from the taxpayers (while also giving cover to REAL problems). ( In recent survey only 3% of population expressed a real concern for climate change as compared to 40% for the
terrorism. )  Just the fact that the ‘Climate Change’ apologists had to change the wording of their ‘serious’ threat from ‘Global Warming’  says a lot in itself.  The poor are poorer today, despite all the food stamps
and handouts and not about to share in any ‘benefits’ from future
taxes taken from the middle class and handed up to the capital
cronies.  Even if ‘climate change’ could be ‘fixed,’ we doubt it will have any real impact on improving terrorism or helping the poor.






 keep calm and follow me


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