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Eclipse of the Century T-shirt Souvenir


Eclipse of the Century Souvenir T-shirt

Celebrate the most important and historical astronomical event of the century, the Full Lunar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 with this t-shirt or poster. Make great gifts.

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Trump Road To Success Poster – Making America Great Again


Trump Road To Success Poster – Making America Great Again


The famous 100-Year-Old Road To Success Poster has been updated for the first time in 100 years with the image of President Donald Trump after his unprecedented, shocking election victory November 8, 2016. Trump has done something truly extraordinary, a total outsider with no political experience defeating not only a  30-year establishment  candidate and the better-funded ‘Democrat machine’ but he overcame the great mainstream media bias to win – and by a significant electoral college margin.


Trump did something that prior Republican candidates Romney and McCain were not able to do in 2012 and 2008.  With his forthright style, Trump showed no fear in standing up to a political machine second to none. It was like David vs. Goliath, Trump with an under-developed, low-funded campaign vs. the great Clinton Foundation assets and vaunted ‘ground game.’  And Trump with a nation of hungry followers seeking real change bought into Trumps’ message. Along the ROAD he overcame many obstacles including some brought on by himself to reach the pinnacle of SUCCESS.  Along the way he has maintained that growing legion of devoted followers.


They said Trump could never do it, with this outsider, brash ways but he surprised them all , doing what he had to do – as only he could do it.


HOW and WHY TRUMP WON And Some Ramifications


Trump Road To Success – Making America Great Again



How and Why Trump Beat All Odds to Become President


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HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES and Misogynistic Michelle- T-shirt,Poster,Button,Magnet,Keychain Sale

Election merchandise, souvenirs



Watch Obama go into his BET jive mode as he presents ‘Love and Happiness’ concert at the recent White House concert, saving the Obama’s favorites for this last of eight yearly shows. No country, to pop, no classical, but what he considers REAL AMERICAN MUSIC … RAP and black music, featuring Usher and friends, who we’ve never heard of before. Sorry for our ignorance. So much for ‘outstanding artists,’  in the words of Obama. Words…how about  ‘misogyny,’ among others… though,  theses artists at least appear to have cleaned up the words a bit for this night.  Obama says he will really miss the ‘Marine Bands,’ whether serious or not …probably NOT, as he makes fun of older music, perferring to celebrate the ‘new and innovative.’  He loved to talk about ‘twerking’ calling ‘The Twist’  the ‘twerking’ of the Kennedy era when that was part of the then music concert while Kennedy was in office. He calls this year’s show a ‘mirror of who we are.’  (not sure who he was referring to as the ‘we.’  )First song wasn’t too bad but made us a little uncomfortable just watching Jill Scott, or whomever, trying to perform in her ‘squozen into’ outfit. 



FULL LYRICS HERE  T-SHIRT, POSTER, ETC – SALE TODAY  Does above make Michelle misogynistic much more than Trump for going along with these rappers’ lyrics? (We believe Trump’s choice of music is much tamer, like ‘The Twist’ with no twerking, of course.



T-shirts, Posters Available

HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES - Words vs Actions T-Shirt

‘I’VE BEGUN TO HATE ALL EVERYDAY AMERICANS’ – Hillary Clinton, perhaps our next President

Nice to know we’ll likely have a new President who will hate most of us . Today, we learned this ifrom another WIKI-LEAK, this coming through her campaign manager (Paul Podesta) email account.  First , she called half of Trump supporters ‘deplorable’ as in ‘Basket of Deplorables’ and now it appears she’s not limiting her displeasure of MOST AMERICANS!  Nice. Wear the above on your sleeve (t-shirt) – also posters, mugs, etc.







NOW ON SALE – also Buttons, Magnets, Keychains and more



Depolorables T-shirt Sale – They said Romney lost the election with his ‘47%’ statement regarding those who would not be voting for him. If Romney did a bad thing, looks like Hillary has now come out with in her incredible ‘HALF of Trump’s followers’ are a ‘Basket of Deplorables…’  followed with a string of -phobias statement. We’ll see what transpires as Trump is taking full advantage of the deplorable statement, even if the media, as usual, pretty much ignore Hillary’s negatives. By the way, can you match these names to the people on the t-shirt?

Find donald,trump,republican,basket of deplorables,basket,deplorable,official,pace,hillary,clinton,zelectionRoger stone,  trump,donald,pence,eric,ivanka,carson,christie,giuliani

gop,elecTion,sale,deplore, democrats,dems, candidates, romney, voters, polls, percent, meme, memes

Meanwhile, people are getting a real kick out of the whole visual of ‘Hillary’s Deplorables.’

ARE YOU A DEPLORABLE?  Congratulations, perhaps we should add


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#MadBum Tshirts – ‘But It’s An EVEN YEAR’ – ‘#Don’t Look At Me’ T-Shirts, #SFGiants


MadBum T-shirt

MadBum ‘That Boy Would Steak A Steak Off The Devil’s Plate’ Tshirt



MadBum 1000% Better Post-Season T-shirt



Pick up on the good-natured fun(?) between Bumgarner and Puig and back again

Tshirts sale 20.99






But It’s an ‘EVEN YEAR’ Tshirts, ‘Don’t Look At Me’ #MadBum #SFGiants T-shirts,Posters, etc

San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers – Puig, Bumgarner

Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, bumgarner, Puig

‘But It’s An Even Year’ Poster with crying young SF Giants fan confused why Giants are losing and may not go to the playoffs and World Series as expected this even year (2016) now on sale for 19.99


If you watched the recent Dodgers-Giants game you don’t need to be told about the Great Baseball Staredown between Bumgarner and Puig.  ‘#Don’t Talk To Me’ T-shirts are now the current rage in L.A. and San Francisco

'Who's On First Steroid #sfgiants T-shirt

2016 SF Playoff Souvenir T-shirt -WHO’S ON FIRST?

How Do They Do It – Three Even Years Running and Now a Fourth Despite the Worst Record in the League Since the All Star Break? But that doesn’t Matter . It’s Playoff Time and time for BB’s Jints Juice Who’s On First?


flashing-red-ball-good Bumgarner the #SFGiants Barry Bonds 2.0 for 2010’s 

Field of Schemes t-shirts



NEW BOOK – How the #SFGiants REALLY Won Their First three World Series in 56 Years

The Hidden Secrets Behind Their Unlikely Wins

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‘ TRUMP – PENCE – Not More of the Same’ Bumper Stickers

Trump - Pence bumper stiickers


 ‘ TRUMP – PENCE  –  Not More of the Same ‘ Bumper Stickers

SALE TODAY: If you’re happy with the status quo you may want to vote for Hillary, but if you think we, as a nation, can do better a vote for Trump – Pence would  be the choice. You can help perpetuate that outcome wearing these beautiful bumper stickers on your car or wherever else you choose. Are you supporting Donald Trump’s presidential run in 2016? Order this 3” by 10” bumper sticker as is or customize it with your own text. $5.95  LESS DISCOUNT gets you one full color, weatherproof bumper sticker, printed and shipped. All orders ship within days. Then be sure to Join the Road To Success for latest updates, interesting insights and more promotional material> ,
Trump bumper sticker 2

 SALE TODAY: ‘ TRUMP – Make America Great Again’ Bumper Stickers


Just indicate your preferred background color after taken to website order form



most popular 10-15



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POSTAGE STAMP Sale -Custom, Personalized Sheets 15% Off Today,T-shirts,Posters

Custom & Personalized Postage Stamps SALE TODAY ONLY -$5 Off Sheet -Our designs or yours > #stamps


Postage Stamps


Custom & Personalized Postage Stamps, Rubber Stamp   -Our designs or yours Tailored to Your Needs


Make an extra special delivery with stamps . Browse through our vast marketplace of wedding, photo, birthday, and funny postage. Choose from multiple denominations that can be sent through standard U.S. Mail. Add a little special touch that will make your event or sentiment that much more meaningful. Send letters, postcards, and invitations in style with our stamps!  CHOOSE FROM THOUSANDS OF DESIGNS… HERE IS JUST A SAMPLING OF POLITICAL IMAGES FOR TSHIRTS, POSTERS WHICH CAN BE USED FOR POSTAGE STAMP , TOO….


most popular 10-15


POSTAGE STAMP Sale -Custom, Personalized Sheets 15% Off Today

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Time To Hold CNN, MSNBC,Mainstream Media Accountable-Tshirts,etc.

media biasmore-nasty-women-and-men


ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational & Political Messagesclinton media

Don’t Let the Mainstream Media Control the Elections-Wear These T-shirts, Bumper Stickers, etc


Time to really embarrass the ‘crooked’ mainstream mediaif that’s  possible – that no longer are REAL journalists but shills for Hillary and the Democrat Party. When we took journalism in school years ago we learned the most important thing was to report on BOTH SIDES of an issue(s). Well, that seemed to disappear years ago and has only gotten worse especially in the current election process with media taking obvious sides, generally favoring the left.


When it comes down to influencing elections this becomes very life-affecting and TIME TO TRY TO STOP or at least slow these fountains of yellow journalism  like the Clinton News Network (CNN) and More Snotty Nonsense by Creeps (MSNBC)   . So WAKE UP AMERICA and wear it on your sleeve with these t-shirts, your car (bumper stickers available here) ,are as posters, mugs, etc. – CUSTOMIZE IT .
And, how about those fake polls…don’t believe them,either.  They’re not accurate anymore >


We’ve tried to outlast OBAMA for EIGHT YEARS and don’t want to suffer another FOUR or more…NOW MAY BE THE LAST CHANCE to SAVE the country from cheating politicians, a leftist Supreme Court and the YELLOW JOURNAL ENABLERS! WAKE UP AMERICA. DO IT NOW!




(Time For Conservative) BACKLASH Against Media Bias, Rigged Elections


Devolution of Modern Journalism

Time To Hold CNN, MSNBC, Mainstream Media Accountable

WHY WE LIE (Some More Than Others)- Media Bias

RIGGED ELECTIONS – You Bet – Voter Fraud, Media Bias, Disruption

Top 20 Wikileaks of Clinton Scandals



red_and_blue_2 FLASHING GOOD

CNN – Clinton News Network Broken News –

T-shirts, Bumper Stickers

cnn, clinton news network

Bumper Stickers on sale today



MSNBC – Morons Spewing Nothing But Crap –

Posters, Bumper Stickers, etc



Poster, Prints on sale 



Poster, t-shirt sale



Bumper Stickers  sale



Media meets Party – Donna Brazille, temporary head of DNC takes media bias to the extreme, recent of CNN/ABC giving media tips and insider info to the Clinton campaign  C, per latest Wikileaks





Don Lemon - No Need To Change Name

LEMON, CNN (No need to rewrite name)



UpChuck, CBS


StephanAwfulus, ABC – one of the many former Clinton advisors who would later join media, perhaps with Clinton directives. No longer host of ABC ‘This Week’but ‘Co-host’ either to not look so obviously ‘in the tank’ or because he misses so many shows.


MeghanusKelluyus - Watch smoke come out of her nose as she forgets she's on FOX challenging her own party (GOP) while trying to act cute , flaunting her looks and costume of the day.

MeghanusKelluyus – Watch smoke come out of her nose as she forgets she’s on FOX challenging her own party (GOP) while trying to act cute , flaunting her looks and costume of the day.

Raging Madcow



unlike MeghanusKellyus Madcow only seems to have one black pantsuit she wears daily, as if in mourning. This is one of the few changes you’ll ever see



probably the last of the honest TV journalists ,  is probably rolling in his grave seeing what UpchuckUs has done to the prior host’s role on  ‘Meet the Press,’ now ‘Meet the Depressed’



Time To Hold CNN, MSNBC, Mainstream Media Accountable –

Wear It On Your Sleeve, On the Wall, Mug, etc. – SPREAD THE WORD! 

LEMON – No Need To Change Name

NEW E-BOOK: HILLARY’S AMERICA – Movie Access and FREE Excerpt


ROAD TO SUCCESS Motivational & Political Messages


Time To Hold CNN, MSNBC, Mainstream Media Accountable –

Wear It On Your Sleeve, On the Wall, Mug, etc. – SPREAD THE WORD! 

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Prison for Hillary – ‘Lock Her Up’ Bumper Stickers – She Deserves A Break

Bumper sticker on sale 'lockherup' bumper sticker

Bumper sticker on sale

#LockHerUp – Prison for Hillary – She Deserves Some Time Off

Bumper Sticker
Prison for Hillary: Since politicians today are teflon-coated and we can’t get rid of them for much greater charges than past Presidents and others were impeached for, it’s time to continue the groundswell of support by the people. Nixon and even Bill Clinton were taken down to some extent for much lesser crimes but today we see Obama and now Hillary getting away with just about anything they want. 10+ Scandals later, highlighted by the FBI’s failure to indict her for purposing deleting 30,000 classified emails, it’s   Time for a change. #LockHerUp and spread the word with these bumper stickers, now on sale. We don’t want a criminal for a President

Lock Her Up – Hillary, That Is, As She Deserves Some Prison Time -#LockHerUp

HILLARY'S AMERICA new promo updated

HILLARY’S AMERICA: From Whitewater to Benghazi




plus New 800 -page Select Committee Final Report and 51 -page Summary

in Text, Pictures & Video multi-media

plus Posters, T-shirts and other memorabilia

Lock Her Up – Hillary, That Is, As She Deserves Some Prison Time -#LockHerUp

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Wake Up America T-shirt, Poster, Mug Sale -2016 Election Promotional

wake america now tshirt w logo


WAKE UP AMERICA Battle Cry T-shirts, Posters, Mugs Sale

Election time and the perfect battle cry has been ‘Wake Up America‘ for these tough times. Time to really pay attention and pick the right leader(s) for the times. So, spread the word. Wear it on your chest and WAKE UP AMERICA – Get Your Tshirts, posters, mugs, etc. now!
Whether you’re leaning for Trump, Clinton or other candidates running for lower offices it’s important to analyze, make the right choices and SPREAD THE WORD with these beautiful t-shirts, or mugs, posters or various other election promotional products
HILLARY'S AMERICA new promo updated

Hillary’s America – The Movie and Ebook

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Imagine Joe Biden, Never ‘Gainfully Employed’ as President – Poster Sale


Joe Biden 2016 says he was never gainfully employed in his life - How'd that for a possible next president of the U.S. ?

Joe Biden 2016 says he was never gainfully employed in his life – How’d that for a possible next president of the U.S. ? Above picture graphic now on SALE as poster, tshirt, etc. 











VP Biden  admitted he’d never been ‘gainfully employed,’  other than perhaps the lax government jobs like the one he holds now. Imagine, it could have been – and still could be if Hillary gets indicted- ‘ Joe Biden 2016 ‘ running for President of the U.S.  Wouldn’t that be a field day for the media and doomsday theorists.

‘I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed’ – Joe Biden  Poster

He said that…Not unusual for our Vice President, Joe Biden age 73,  to say things like that, whether true or not. As far as his time as vice president, even if he has been ‘gainfully employed’ he hasn’t done much to warrant it, unless you call his coming out with strange statements like this from time to time. Who can forget the ‘7-11‘ statement where he talks about using an Indian accent whenever shopping at 7-11’ – just one of many such off the wall comments from our second in charge, WHO COULD HAVE BEEN  – still could be if HIllary gets indicted – OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!   IMAGINE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN! That would make a great slogan for JOE BIDEN 2016:

‘I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed’ but I’d like to be your President!

-Joe Biden age 73 


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